Dustin served for 12 years in the US Army, in a mix of reserve and full-time service. He served in Afghanistan as an Infantry Advisor and Embedded Tactical Trainer (ETT) to the Afghanistan National Army (ANA), and was operationally attached to the US Army 3rd Special Forces Group. During his tour he received the Bronze Star. He has been a Primary Leadership Course Instructor (Sergeant’s School), a Training NCO at the company, brigade, and PEO (Program Executive Office) level, and also an SME (Subject Matter Expert) and advisor on Army programs in the private sector.

In the civilian world, Dustin holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science, with an emphasis in International Relations and National Security. He is an award-winning designer and creative director in the marketing and advertising industry, having worked with large brands and corporations, as well as small businesses and startups. He has two awesome kids, his supportive and amazing other half, Sarimá, and three loving (spoiled) dogs.

After realizing the advertising industry was not fulfilling, and in identifying the struggles veterans experience integrating into “normal” society, it became clear that it was time to use his time, talents, passion, and desire to help others, in creating a better, more satisfying cause. The concept of Charlie Mike was born from the realization that modern, post 9/11 military veterans need a bit more than what’s currently being offered, combined with the idea that veterans helping veterans is a more effective approach.


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