Sarah fell in love with horses at a young age, and took every opportunity to learn, and to ride. She still loves to ride, but her strong suit is the day-to-day care of horses. As the Charlie Mike Barn Manager, she is responsible for every aspect of horse care, and making sure the horses are healthy and happy.

Sarah got started in horse management in the United States Pony Club. She continued learning throughout the years from veterinarians, great horsemen, and much study. Much is required of a barn manager: to understand nutrition and weight management, recognize and handle lameness or illness, treat injuries and provide ongoing rehabilitation for illness or injury, understand horse behavior, oversee herd interactions, maintain and improve handling and ground manners in conjunction with the horse’s training program, maintain accurate horse health records, and much more. Sarah has had experience managing all of these things for a variety of horses, from breeding and foaling, to performance horses and seniors. But her favorite assignments are the babies!

At Charlie Mike, Sarah hopes to use her knowledge and experience to help build an excellent equine facility and program at Charlie Mike, and create an environment where others can have the opportunity to learn about and experience horses.


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