Susan brings a wealth of equine experience and expertise to Charlie Mike. Susan has been called “one of the best horse trainers in North Carolina,” by another nationally recognized trainer and colleague. During her career, she has shown quarter horses, hunters, and dressage horses (mostly Hanoverians). She has had various professional experiences, such as working for a nationally ranked Grand Prix jumper rider, and at Hanoverian breeding farms, starting colts. She has also taught riding and horsemanship to beginners and advanced riders, alike. We are lucky to have Susan on our team (and we know it)!

With these experiences, Susan has been a student of horses all her life. Despite training and working with horses for 50 years, she feels she has “learned more than I have taught.” Susan believes that there is no end to learning, and no end to what horses can teach us; horses have much to offer us as humans: feel, relationship guidelines, timing, patience, boundaries, and more. All of these things have one thing in common: relationship and purpose. The connection one has with a horse and other people, is a common thread.

Through working with Charlie Mike, Susan hopes that she can help veterans enjoy horses as much as she does, and feel the connection and purpose, that working with horses gives.


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